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VisiPakAdds Clear Rigid Plastic Tubing to Stock Program

VisiPak is now offering its line of Extra Heavy Wall Tubing through its online stores.  The stock product line consists of 37 styles that range in size from 3/8” to 3” in outside diameters with wall thicknesses from .031” to .125”.  All sizes are available in lengths of 6 feet.

The clear plastic tubing features an extra heavy wall that creates a rigid tube to accommodate the needs of the most demanding requirements.  All tubes are made from PETG material, which is less expensive than acrylic, but just as rigid, durable and clear.

The tubing can be drilled, cut, machined, bent, and bonded to other tubes.   The clarity is excellent making it ideal for applications where it is important to view the movement of liquids through the tube.   Clear plastic extruded tubes are used in plumbing, mining, gas transmission, and beverage industry applications.

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