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VisiPakExpands Thermoform Clamshell Line

Packaging professionals can now find new and improved options for low-cost packaging solutions from VisiPak. Never before have more choices been available from VisiPak and the newest addition is a variety of low-cost stock clamshells. Purchasing Stock Clamshells, off the shelf, will eliminate lead times, save design costs, and conserve space in your warehouse.

At a time when the economy is dictating greater demand for low-cost solutions, VisiPak is pleased to announce an expansion of their line of thermoformed packaging. The new economical stock clamshell solution, now available in the VisiPak online store, allows you to purchase quantities as low as one case.

In today's economy all aspects of packaging requires careful consideration including design costs, lead times, and inventory levels. When it was clear that costs in these areas would have to be addressed, VisiPak clearly recognized the need to add more options to accommodate its customers and has met the challenge by adding stock clamshells. Jeff Barket, Director of Sales and Marketing, states, "While most companies were cutting back in all phases of their business, VisiPak saw the opportunity to help packaging buyers. By adding stock clamshells to our line and making them available in our online store, buyers can buy exactly what they need when they need it. Purchasing stock clamshells eliminates design costs and lead times are minimal so your project can proceed without delay. Purchasing economical clamshell packaging from the new stock supply will reduce your storage space requirements and reduce your inventory."

If a clamshell package from a stock supply does not meet your needs, VisiPak offers full custom design services. One intriguing option, called the Eco-Shell™, is a cross between a stock and a custom clamshell. The thermoform manufacturing process allows an existing stock mold to be modified with secondary tooling, known as an insert mold. Selecting this option involves partial tooling costs, but avoids full custom design tooling costs. (Please visit our website for full details. This package design meets the product requirements while keeping costs low. "Stemming from the many conversations I've had with buyers investigating clamshell packaging, it became clear that stock or fully customized clamshells are not always the answer the buyer is looking for. The best of both worlds is often desired and, to fill this need VisiPak expanded its product line with the Eco-Shell," said Rod Whittier, Thermoforming Manager.

The engineers at VisiPak have exceeded expectations of multiple clients in designing thermoform packaging. Given the specifications, VisiPak engineers work with the product and the manufacturing process to complete the design. "Our engineers have been a part of the thermoforming process since day one. An engineer will take part in all phases of design, seeing it through to final output. VisiPak offers this full scale design and engineering as a standard practice and our engineers have produced many unique features in clamshell packaging," said Phil Brewer, Director of Engineering.

Gain a clear advantage when using clear clamshell packaging as the most precise details of your product are displayed while protecting the contents from the environment or theft from store shelves. Add a colorful, informative header card, and with built-in hanger holes, the clamshell package is ready to hang.

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