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Testing New 3D-Printing Material for Additive Manufacturing in Space

A long time VisiPak customer referred TAULMAN3D, LLC to VisiPak and a rare opportunity quickly developed.  Looking to expand its current product line of nylon based high strength materials for 3D printers Taulman3D and VisiPak collaborated to form a new industrial 3D-printing material called T-Glase. The new and unique industrial strength material was developed to support the vast majority of 3D printers available today.

Taulman3D, LLC is recognized worldwide in the 3D printing community as the only provider of industry grade high strength nylon 3D printing materials for printers designed for use with two standard size lines, 1.75mm and 3mm.  However, a need for an industrial strength material for use with low temperature 3D printers was in demand.  VisiPak, a leader in high-tech extrusion proficiencies, worked closely with Taulman3D to develop the T-Glase line.  With extensive extruding capabilities and superior engineering, material testing and production expertise, VisiPak and Taulman3D worked quickly to develop this unique material solution for the 3D printing market.  

But the opportunities are out of this world.  T-Glase is being tested for use on the International Space Station in 2014.  Additive manufacturing, a bold new frontier in itself, is creating huge developments on earth, but T-Glase is being tested to become one of the first materials to be used in space.

Made In Space, founded in 2010, is a business focused on building additive manufacturing technologies for space. Under NASA’s Flight Opportunities program they have tested 3D printers in zero-gravity test flights and they qualified to demonstrate the 3D printing technology on the ISS in 2014.  For this they require a high strength 3D printing material.  The new T-Glase line was a prime choice. Testing is underway to take T-Glase out of this world!

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