Clear Tube Container Promotes Sales by Exhibiting a Unique Visual Selling Point

Consumers see through extruded clear tubing and a custom color injection molded poly plug completes the clear packaging solution.

Ed Hardy BrandsThe Ed Hardy Brand produced new fragrances, one for men and one for women, each with an incredibly unique visual characteristic. The fragrance inside a single bottle displayed two different color liquids that do not mix. As colorful as the Ed Hardy Brand is, this was truly a fundamental selling point for the new fragrances.

The brand typically uses a printed brown craft tube for their fragrances, but this simply would not work for the new two-color product. The marketing aspect of the product’s promotion would be lost by concealing its most unique feature. That was a problem. It was clear that this unique product required new packaging. The Ed Hardy Brand put their liquids fulfillment partner to task and VisiPak was called in.

Ed Hardy BrandVisiPak clear round tube packaging became an obvious answer for exhibiting the visual features. Made in the USA, VisiPak clear extruded tubing is cut to the desired length as part of the production process. Production also includes applying labels and welding the bottom insert to the tube forming the container. The Ed Hardy Brand selected custom color injection molded poly plugs to complete the packages. Consumers now have an opportunity to enjoy a truly unique visual experience!

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