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VisiPakEnvironmentally Friendly Packaging

Arnold, MO - November 17, 2009 - As the largest extruder of PETG tubing in the USA, VisiPak certainly has a strong voice on this environmentally friendly material. For more than 50 years, VisiPak has been extruding PETG and other materials. The thermoforming operations at the VisiPak manufacturing facility also utilize PETG material, and this is the key to a hidden benefit. The use of PETG in the thermoforming and extruding processes gives VisiPak the unique advantage of 100% material utilization. The integration of the two manufacturing processes enables VisiPak to eliminate scrap or landfill material. Certainly, this is an environmental benefit for everyone, but there is more.

Ultimately, 100% material utilization has led to cost savings that VisiPak can pass along to customers. Often times, VisiPak can provide a PETG thermoformed product at pricing very comparable to a PVC thermoformed product. In choosing the PETG material for packaging products, the advantages gained include the use of resin identification code #1, approved packaging material by all major retailers, and visibly clear packaging without the blue tint associated with most PVC packaging. In addition and in many cases, using existing PVC sealing equipment and tooling the PETG package is sealable with an ultra sonic or radio frequency (RF) machines.

"VisiPak is constantly trying to finds ways to offer the best package for our customers, and in this day and age of green initiatives, we feel as though PETG not only gives the customer a benefit, but the entire world as well," said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales and Manufacturing for VisiPak and all the Sinclair & Rush Companies. "Fortunately," Jeff continued, "there is a benefit for VisiPak too, and that enables us to continue to pursue the next possibility in materials we can offer."

Thermoforming at VisiPak focuses on clear plastic packaging and includes opportunities to employ the contract packaging options available from VisiPak. VisiPak will design the package, produce the thermoformed packaging, assemble the product into the package and box and ship to distribution points. VisiPak can also assist in producing header cards.

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