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VisiGuard® Face Shields Today and Tomorrow

Children and Schools
Face Shields on Children
Face Shields To Grow With

Students will be well protected throughout the school day and this is great for teachers who can see the full expressions on the children's faces, something a mask doesn't allow. Face shields can sustain years of service far beyond any pandemic and into adulthood. Many of these children will grow up and go to college where the face shields will continue to be effective. Young adults often work in service industries, such as restaurants and other retail shops, creating another use for the face shields. This PPE is here to stay.


Face Shields for Elder Care
Face Shields and Elder Care

For the Young and the Young at heart, VisiGuard® Face Shields protect and allow those smiles to shine. Whether resting comfortably, or on the go, Seniors can use the face shields for additional protection. Some Seniors require additional apparatus that sometimes makes a mask less than practical, but the face shield will put them at ease. Ageless, timeless, priceless!


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