Square Containers

Square Containers

Not everything fits best in a round tube container. Square tube containers will not roll off a shelf and can be stacked. Like our round tube containers, square plastic tubing containers have excellent clarity and offer the same printing options. Caps and plugs are available in sizes and styles shown in the selection chart.

Select from eight standard cap and plug colors shown here.

Colors of Caps and Plugs

Square Containers
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Available Cap & Plug Styles
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Poly Plugs Clear Caps Hang Plugs
Nominal Size Inside Dimension Outside Dimension Material Wall Thickness Flat Top Poly Plugs Clear Caps Hang Plugs Info
0.375 3/8 " NA NA Propionate 0.012 X X
0.5 1/2 " NA NA Propionate 0.012 X
0.5625 9/16 " NA NA Propionate 0.013 X X
0.75 3/4 " NA NA Propionate 0.014 X X
0.875 7/8 " NA NA Propionate 0.016 X X
1.125 1-1/8 " NA NA Propionate 0.015 X X
1.5 1-1/2 " NA NA Propionate 0.018 X
1.75 1-3/4 " NA NA Propionate 0.018 X
2 2 " NA NA Propionate 0.020 X X X
3 3 " NA NA Propionate 0.025 X
4 4 " NA NA Propionate 0.027 X
  • All dimensions are approximate. Manufacturing tolerances are available upon request.
  • We do not stock this product. Each order is produced to the length requested. To order this product, please call our toll free number or send an email to customerservice@visipak.com.
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