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Retail Design Ideas


Pennington Smart Feed in VisiPak Tube ContainersEVERYTHING IS IN BLOOM FOR THESE TUBE CONTAINERS

When a world-renowned fertilizer manufacturer listened to its customers, they created a revolutionary gardening tool that fit both the needs of the customer and complemented their popular product line in excellent fashion. The new tool used a supply of large round tablets of the fertilizer. Clear plastic tubes were determined to be the best container for the tablets. Not only did they store well in the clear containers, but the customer could easily see when supply was running low. Yet another great benefit was the ease of transfer to the garden tool itself. This tube container with its colorful labels stood out on retail shelves benefiting the retailer, the manufacturer and the end user - the customer!



Retail MarkersNew Packaging Generates Online Sales From New Markets

Manufacturer of commercial ink products and innovative brands required a change for selling markers. Originally designed with a focus for art studios, a miniature shelf took up space and retailed for a very high price point. New packaging designs would require the color of each marker to be visible to the user. In addition, containment of the markers for storage and transport was of high importance.

A Google search for clear packaging resulted in the new tube packaging container. A three and one half inch diameter clear plastic tube with a permanent rigid bottom and a poly plug holds 49 markers. The clear tube packaging not only creates a compact storage container capable of easy transport, but also greatly reduced the price point for the container. As a result, the markers were perfect for online e-commerce, and other markets soon began purchasing the products, generating skyrocketing sales.



Grease Monkey WipesNo Monkeying Around, Just Clean and Clear

This 3-Pak product is a real clean up with the hang style package designed to keep the product neatly hanging and off the shelf. The clear plastic thermoformed case, or blister pack, is designed to hold 3 packs of the special wipes. The clear plastic secures the contents while allowing visibility for consumers to examine the product. The header card is sufficient to contain all copy needed and provides for the containment of the product. Truly no monkeying around, this product was awarded funding on the hit TV show SHARK TANK.


VibraA Good Hang Up To Have

This manufacturer traditionally packages products in individual blister packs, the kind with the clear plastic cover and paperboard backing. It was decided that many of their customers would benefit if sets of the individual items could be packaged together. The result was a 4-pack and a 6-pack grouping, but a container was needed for retail positioning and to aid the consumer with storage after the purchase. The clear hang-tube container not only accomplishes space saving features in the store, it also allows the consumer to hang at home or stow the various tubes together. The hanger cap is secure enough to hang, yet easy to reapply. In addition, the clear tube allows consumers to easily examine the contents while reviewing the printed materials. In addition, VisiPak is able to match very specific colors, as was accomplished with this blaze orange hanger cap.


Turtle Wax in VisiPak Clear Folding BoxTurtle Wax ICE® Shines on Retail Shelves

Turtle Wax was searching for new packaging and went full circle on a special feature. A new clear folding box featuring a 360 degree window allows the consumers to view the entire package.  An insert card providing full disclosure of the product is used and, with this clear box, the contents are not concealed by the card. The clear package container sits easily on store shelves, is stackable and does not hide the product. In addition, the consumer has a convenient storage box to put on the shelf at home.  The "eyes" have it when your car shines and this package sparkles!



POP ThemeEye-Appealing P.O.P. Theme Package

To meet a customer's need for a creative P.O.P. theme package, VisiPak custom designed a dip-molded lid shaped just like a baby bottle top. The innovative lid is fitted onto see-through stock tubing. The kit contains baby care items and makes an eye-appealing gift for baby showers. VisiPak designers added a coin slot in the bottle top to permit secondary use as a bank. Using dip molding rather than blow molding saved the customer more than $20,000 in tooling costs.


Retail TagsProtective and Functional

Having trouble with the durability of its shrink-wrapped packaging, this label maker turned to VisiPak for a solution. Not only did we come up with a cost effective alternative to their damage problem, but by adding a slot to the tube, we were also able to transform their protective package into a functional dispenser.


Shelf DisplayIncreased Shelf Presence

While happy with the performance of their packaging tube, this wallpaper producer needed to find a way to enhance the appearance of their package and incorporate a hanging feature. By utilizing a folded card design, VisiPak designers were able to achieve a package that not only drew more attention to the product, but also allowed it to be merchandised on a peg hook.


Candy RetailCandy with a Twist

Looking for a creative twist to package candy, this Jelly Bean marketer utilized one of our Twist Tube Compartment Paks to achieve a dynamic looking holiday package.
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