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Clear Tube + Thermoformed Insert = Problem Solved

When existing brown paper tube packaging became problematic this manufacturer knew it was time to make a change. Long lead times from China for packaging materials, along with the desire to see the unique attributes of what the consumer was buying led the ambitious company to find a solution fast!


The DesignAn extruded and thermoformed package all wrapped up in a single serving!

VisiPak easily handled the visual concerns by offering an extruded clear plastic tube and poly plug to form the container. In addition, VisiPak manufactured a thermoformed blister insert that provided both form and function. It stabilized the reusable filter inside the tube so consumers could clearly see and understand the concept of the unit. To complete the entire package, VisiPak applied a full-color label directly to the tube, saving time and money for the reusable filter manufacturer.

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Multiple Manufacturing Processes Add Value to Packaging

When a buyer can reduce the list of suppliers and gain benefits from using one source, it’s time to celebrate! Here are a few reasons how VisiPak can help get the party started.

All manufacturing processes result in some kind of scrap material. Such is the case in the extrusion of PETG tubing. But this scrap is not wasted. It can be used in the production of PETG thermoformed products. This 100% material utilization allows VisiPak to pass along savings to customers. In addition, the elimination of scrap material in landfills is a worldwide benefit!

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