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Tubes & ContainersPlus Plus Toys

Customer secured more business in retail stores due to the complete visibility of the product and the versatile ways it can be presented on shelves, countertops and walls.

  • Manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • Clear tube packaging allows for full view of the product inside
  • Versatile display options with tube packaging and hang plug
  • Reusable product storage creates a sustainable way to maintain brand exposure

Plus Plus Tube Presentation

The DesignDurable Product

There is no denying the advantage of the visual, colorful presentation of clear tube packaging over a pouch/bag or a box. The tube also provides added value as a durable and reusable storage container, allowing product branding to remain present after the initial opening.

Plus Plus Colorful Tube Design

The Solution

With tube packaging, simple die-cut holes in a corrugated counter display keep large amounts of product in order. Typically, people tend to put something back on a shelf where they found it and the tube packaging with coordinated counter display facilitates an orderly result of their action.

Reusable Storage Container

The reusable nature of the tube packaging and clear hang plugs create a sustainable way to contain product after its initial opening. The packaging also provides users with a variety of at-home storage options given its size and design.

Plus Plus Re-Usable Tube Packaging

Multiple Merchandising Options

With a simple clear hang plug, the tube is safely sealed. Then, in a retail environment, the finished product hangs from peg hook style wall/shelf designs presenting a clear and colorful feature wall that is sure to draw attention.

Plus Plus Hanging Lid


Plus Plus Toys Packaging

Plus Plus ToysThe Perfect Packaging

After talking with several peers in the Toy industry, Plus-Plus USA discovered that VisiPak offered exactly the kind of packaging they were looking for. Not only would a clear tube show off the entire contents, it offered potential variety in how the product could be displayed and provided a reusable storage solution for the product after purchase.

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