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Multi Functional Thermo

Multi-functional Thermoformed Clear Plastic Tray Saves Mold Costs

VisiPak was approached by a manufacturer of products for critical cleaning devices. The manufacturer's concern was for the handling and packaging of its brush rollers. VisiPak responded with one of its most innovative designs. The brush rollers are now contained in a thermoformed clear plastic tray providing high value to protecting the sensitive product.

Although product protection and minimizing movement of the product is paramount in this concept, the reciprocal snap-perimeter design of the tray is what makes it most effective. The tray actually snaps to itself when placed in an opposing position, forming an excellent seal. The innovative design feature of the clear plastic tray allows for the production of a single tool, thus eliminating thousands of dollars in mold and die costs.

The combined elements of all features results in a plastic shipping tray, which then forms a shipping container keeping the product free of dust and debris. The new plastic tray packaging is formed from eco-friendly .035 PET for a rigid part with a crystal-clear appearance allowing for visible inspection in each phase of the developmental process.

Thermoformed Tray

Thermoformed Tray Stacks Up to Alleviate Packaging Concerns

A leading solenoid valve manufacturer came to VisiPak with a material handling concern for a solenoid valve that consisted of critical electrical components. Ultimately, the valves needed to be securely packed minimizing any movement, and most importantly, shipping and storage required the minimizing or elimination of static properties. VisiPak design engineers delivered a two-way solution. A new clear plastic tray would nest neatly for storage when empty, requiring less storage space. However, when holding and stacking the products, this clever plastic shipping tray was designed to keep the weight of the tray above from contacting the components below.

First, material used to produce these clear plastic trays was pre-treated to reduce static properties. Next, VisiPak engineers designed a thermoformed tray capable of holding several solenoid valves. The tray provided sections that matched the dimensions of the solenoid valve to yield the required contoured fit, minimizing movement of the units. The design engineers added a twist to this design, or in this case, a turn. By turning or alternating the ends of the trays, the plastic shipping trays stack without touching the units below.

Arrows and the company logo are embedded in the clear plastic tray to assist with packaging. As the trays are filled and packed for shipment the packaging personnel simply rotates each layer of trays as they are stacked, guided by the company logo and arrows. Packed correctly, the logo will be on opposing ends of each layer of trays.

VisiPak design engineers worked to meet the needs of the industrial manufacturer exceeding expectations by solving the problems and condensing storage space requirements.

Automotive Component

Automotive Component Protected by 
Heavy Duty Black Plastic Tray

When awarded a new project an automotive manufacturer turned to VisiPak to solve a plastic shipping tray concern. With a design already in place, VisiPak was asked to produce a strong plastic shipping container to protect the electrical and hydraulic components of a replacement fuel injection system. Minimizing movement of the unit was a key issue.

VisiPak packaging engineers elected to divert from the standard PVC, PET or PETG materials. By selecting a heavy gauge high density polyethylene (HDPE) material, the goal was achieved. The HDPE thermoformed black plastic tray, in conjunction with the contour of the cavitations, created a protective plastic shipping tray suitable to withstand excessive handling.

Two Tier

Tier Single

Two-tier Thermoformed Shipping Tray Protects Valuable Unit

When a new GPS system for the agricultural industry was ready for market, the expensive item demanded shipping protection. A corrugated box had already been developed, but it was insufficient to protect the costly components. VisiPak was called in and soon developed a plastic shipping tray, designed to protect the multiple components of this new device. Not only did the packaging engineers meet the product demands, they stepped into the future based on considerations for how quickly technology changes and devised a clear plastic tray with an interchangeable mold base.

After studying the GPS components, VisiPak package design engineers concluded that a two-tier plastic shipping tray would best accommodate the system. One part of the clear plastic tray would hold the screen, while the second clear plastic tray, the tray made from the interchangeable mold base, would contain the various other components. The two plastic shipping trays would then stack and slide into the corrugated box, securing all contents. Also featured in the design of the plastic shipping trays is the contour or scoop allowing for a handle of the outer box.

Going above and beyond, the packaging engineers created plastic tray packaging with a perception of advancements in technology in mind. This service may save up to 1/3 of future tooling costs when packaging adjustments are required.

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