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As one of the leading manufacturers of clear plastic packaging in the world, VisiPak has used its skills and experience in developing innovative plastic solutions to create an innovative and disposable protective face shield. We are proud to introduce the VisiGuard® 1.0 Face Shield with a FlexBand.

100% Recyclable

100% Recyclable

All VisiGuard® shields are made from FDA approved PET material which is 100% recyclable. Each shield is embossed with the recycling logo. Plus, the streamlined design does not include any affixed attachments, such as foam and straps, that must be removed prior to recycling and discarded in a landfill.

Simple to Assemble

Simple to Assemble

The streamlined two-piece design can be easily assembled and placed on health care workers in a manner of seconds. Also accommodates most hard hats. Instructions are available; click HERE.

Cleanable & Reusable

Cleanable & Reusable

Revolutionary design features no foam padding or other materials that may harbor contaminants.  Plus, shield can be sterilized between uses as it resistant to Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide and Bleach solutions. Independently approved for in-hospital use by a major hospital system's Infectious Disease Control Department.

Safe and Comfortable

Safe and Comfortable

Design is ANSI Z87.1 D3 tested and approved for splash and droplet protection, as well as face coverage and impact protection. For test results, click HERE. Unique design features hollow cavities that press gently against one's forehead to provide a comfortable easy-to-adjust fit. Provides sufficient clearance for glasses, most goggles and for all masks, including medical N95 versions. Also works with hard hats.

Low Cost

Low Cost and Made in the U.S.A.

The streamlined design and highly efficient manufacturing methods make this shield one of the most affordable options on the market.  Contact us for high-volume distributor pricing or buy online.

Ships & Stores Easily

Ships & Stores Easily

Shields are densely packed to minimize shipping costs and storage space requirements. 100 units per case measuring 15.5" x 11.5" x 9"; includes straps.

Full Coverage of Face and Neck

Revolutionary design allows the shield to be used without foam or other materials that may harbor contaminants, and although not encouraged, does allow for sterilization between uses.

  • Provides clearance for all medical masks including N95 versions.

  • PET is resistant to Isopropyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide or Bleach cleaning solutions.
VisiPak Cleanroom

Manufactured in Clean Room Environment

VisiGuard® Face Shields are manufactured in a clean room environment in our Midwest-based manufacturing operation. Operators involved in production must wear hair nets, medical masks and gloves.

  • Patent pending design requires minimal touching in production process - shields are moved from machine to packaging with gloved hands.

  • Shields are shipped inside plastic poly bags for added protection.

Note: This video footage of the clean room was taken prior to face mask requirements and not taken during production of face shields.

VisiPak Cleanroom Play Button

Quality Made in the USA

VisiGuard® Face Shields are made in USA from components sourced in the USA.  The streamlined design requires minimal labor allowing us to manufacture tens of thousands of units per day with minimal supply chain concerns.

  • Capacity can easily be expanded to meet demand.

  • VisiPak is a division of Sinclair & Rush, Inc. an ISO certified, multi-national corporation specializing in plastics since 1950.

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