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Package Design Ideas for Crafts

Packaging for crafts is easy with a variety of choices available from VisiPak. The transparent plastic container packaging is clearly the main advantage to show off the product inside. The style and functionality of clear container tube packaging is extremely suitable for the traditional retail shelves while serving an important use for the end user  - a perfect storage container for any craft accessory.  View a few ideas below, but for hundreds of more ideas, visit us on Pinterest.

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Holiday Crafts in VisiPak Tubes Tube Containers By VisiPak For Arts and Crafts
 VisiPak clear plastic tubes were used in a crafty holiday gift item as shown in an issue of HGT Magazine (December 2013, http://www.visipak.com/12-11-13-hgtvdec2013pdf.html)

          Clear Tubes with clear caps show off the bright colors for  "party in a tube" confetti by Knot & Bow.

Other Tube Packaging Ideas:
Craft Ideas In Tube Packaging

Artist Brushes In Clear Tube Containers

Beads In VisiPak Tube Containers

Candles with PETG Hanger Plugs and Clear Caps in tubes with one end permanently sealed

Makeup and Artist
Brushes store nicely
in clear tubes

Beads for Crafts and Jewelry hang easily in tube containers permanently sealed on one end with a hang plug securing the other end
Bright Colors Stand Out In Clear VisiPak Tubes Clear Tube Containers By VisiPak Clear Folding Boxes From VisiPak
Color craft items really stand out in clear tube packaging on retail shelves or the crafter's storage shelf
Clear folding boxes can also have impact in retail environments for arts and crafts
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