Clamshell Packaging Portfolio

Formed To Fit

Formed to Fit

When asked to place three components of a household safety device into one package with specific restrictions on the overall size of the package, VisiPak met the challenge. This was quite a tough challenge as two of the three components consisted of protrusions or were simply bulky. All items needed to be visible within the package and the packaging required the options to either stand on a shelf or hang on a retail display. The VisiPak design team created a clamshell with multiple cavities or pockets on both sides of the package. This allowed the main component to display on the front of the package while extending to the back where the other two components were safely tucked into their own pocket or cavity. The entire packaging safely secured all components, protecting the alarm module, the delicate fitting and by coiling the 6-foot tubing this package satisfied all size requirements.

Display and Project

Display and Project

When Castle Bay was looking for a package for its new-to-the-world golf iron covers, the designers knew a package was needed that would allow customers to see the product.  However, it was also important that customers be able to touch the product and that the package stood out on the golf accessory merchandising wall dominated by items packed in cheap blister packs.  To accomplish these goals, VisiPak designed an aesthetically pleasing contoured clamshell with a small hole in the back that allowed customers to feel the unique material.  Along with its complementary 4-color card insert, the new package truly stood out on the store shelves and improved sell thru rates.

Clamshell Case

Clamshell Case Serves as a Production Component for a Health Industry Filter

VisiPak package design engineers were presented with a unique challenge that deviated from the normal consumer package. This manufacturer's product is a component for another major part, and the design included unique functioning requirements. The manufacturer was concerned with leakage caused by improper sealing of the two-piece filter container. VisiPak delivered a solution that not only solved the leakage problem, but also saved the manufacturer money on tooling costs. A new thermoformed plastic clamshell case would contain the filter product,and the one-piece design eliminated the need for two pieces.

The original manufacturer's two-piece design consisted of a base and a lid, but these parts were made from different materials that would not properly adhere when sealed resulting in the leakage problem. By creating the one-piece clamshell case, the roll-stock material used in thermoforming successfully secures to itself providing an air-tight seal. The radio frequency (RF) welding process is a another service provided by VisiPak eliminating the need to transport for further assembly.

After producing the thermofromed filter container, a secondary process is required to punch holes in strategic locations for the functionality of the filter. As a full service provider of assembly and fulfillment, VisiPak is able to complete the entire project including the insertion of the filter, RF sealing, apply labels and add a tab by adhesive to the outside of the filter container providing a means to insert and withdraw the filter box.

VisiPak design engineers proved to be flexible in using their experience in conjunction with existing design work of other engineers. Further, by stepping out of the box, the retail package box that is, they have established VisiPak as a excellent choice to assist with industrial thermoforming needs.

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