Tube Containers For Charitable Causes

VisiPak Donation Container and Red Cross at NPE

Donation Container Aids Collection for Red Cross At Industry Trade Show

The 2015 National Plastics Expo recorded over 70,000 attendees making the placement of a donation container for Red Cross contributions a brilliant idea. Standing 4 foot high with a slotted pull tab plug securing the top, attendees could easily walk by and watch the donations grow! Read more

Hugs From Home Ship In Tube-velopes

Tube-velopes for Hugs From Home

The Generosity of a Corporate Cause Uses Tube-velopes to Serve Our Service Men and Women

Office Furniture Partnership out of New Jersey went the extra mile, miles actually, as they shipped 1,000 containers of goods overseas to our men and women in military service. But these were not ordinary containers. These 3.620 inch diameter by 12 inch long clear plastic tubes with vinyl caps, known as Tube-velopes, were filled with all sorts of items for our military comrades. Candy, games, reading materials, and more were inserted into the 1,000 tubes in a project known as “Hugs From Home”.

As part of a community service project the business took on the expense of gathering all the goods for the containers, the Tube-velopes and the cost of shipping the items to the troops. But the success is in the responses, which you can read here, and feel the hugs.

Flu Protection

Flu Protection Kit

A promotional company supplying kits, gifts, and supplies compiled various safety and health protection items into a kit to be used while on the move and by various health care, Not-for-Profit and disaster relief organizations. All that was needed was a container to store the items, which were of different shapes and sizes. VisiPak provided a clear sealed bottom container, a PermaSeal, into which the articles could easily slide, and adding a plug to seal the open end. The end result was a clear tube which conveniently fits into a backpack, small travel bag, or a glove compartment making it as mobile as the person carrying it.

Donation Containers

Donation Containers

To meet a Not-For-Profit customer's need for a decorative donation container, which could be used repeatedly, VisiPak suggested the clear tube with the clear sealed bottom, a PermaSeal, and a plug designed with slots for depositing money. The clear vinyl bottom is permanent and unbreakable, adding to the security of the contents of the tube. Tamper evident bands are available making the container secure and reusable. With the VisiPak printing capabilities, this project proudly displays the charities name, adding the perfect decoration to the collection container.

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