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VisiPak Blister Packaging Secures Contents

Simple, Sensible Secure Packaging

The amount of time, effort and money that goes into product research and development is nearly the most valuable portion in the contribution of getting a product to market. Equally important is the packaging for the item, especially when the product requires a secure package. While securing a package may imply layers of packaging or other complicated designs, blister packaging is an easy solution. It can be 1) as simple as a cardboard backing, 2) sensible to print on the card to make it serve two purposes, and most of all, 3) secure. The thermoformed blister firmly adheres to the cardboard safely tucking the product inside. If this product is tampered with, it is clearly evident. In fact, the clear blister packaging helps to prevent tampering by clearly displaying the complete contents. When life calls for no exceptions, as with this product, blister packaging is simple, sensible and secure.

VisiPak Blister Package Special Designs

Perfect Packaging for Protection

It’s tiny, it’s delicate. You need to protect it. In addition, the consumer wants to see it. Each piece is slightly different so separation is a requirement. The blister package is the answer.

Blisters use the least amount of plastic, but can still provide intricate detailed shapes to secure components of a product. The blister design can correspond to the header card so that descriptive elements are strategically located.

All components are secured when the heat sealing application adheres the blister to the coated blister card. Perfect for consumers examine closely without damage to the contents. That’s perfect packaging product protection!

Secure Blister Packaging

Bond with Us for Visibly Secure Packaging

Is it about the glamor of the packaging? Sometimes. Is it about simplicity in the package? Sometimes. But almost all the time it is about visibility and security. It’s not always possible to put a product on a retail shelf without first securing it with appropriate secure packaging. Often, this can be accomplished with a simple blister attached to a blister card.  

When clear plastic blisters are applied to a header card, the consumer can see the size, shape, color, and even the type of container storing the product. With a blister package, the contents remain secured, preventing accidental breakage or spills, and even hinders potential theft. Blister cards have a coating and when heat is applied the plastic blisters adhere to the card. Most often the blister card is recyclable and a thermoform blister often uses less plastic than other plastic packaging.

Grease Monkey Wipes

No Monkeying Around

This 3-Pak product is a real clean up with the hang style package designed to keep the product neatly hanging and off the shelf. The clear plastic thermoformed case, or blister pack, is designed to hold 3 packs of the special wipes. Clear plastic blister packaging secures the contents while allowing visibility for consumers to examine the product. A header card is sufficient to contain all copy needed and provides for the containment of the product. Truly no monkeying around, this product was awarded funding on the hit TV show SHARK TANK.


Naturally Healthy and Secure

As a leading provider in the health and nutrition industry, supplying major retailers, this corporate brand manufacturer must deliver well-secured product for the retail shelf. Although the product itself is securely encased in the sealed container, the blister pack chosen for retail sale adds an extra level of security. The clear plastic blister packaging is attached to the header card using high speed RF (radio frequency) sealing equipment. The RF welder heats the clear plastic material, which is then pressed to adhere to the header card. If anyone were to make any attempt to tamper with this product, it would be clearly evident.

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