VisiPak Expands Line of Stock Plastic Vials

Due to growing demand for "green packaging" and the success of its self-sealing cap, VisiPak has recently added 15 new larger sizes to its line of clear plastic vials. The new vials range in size from 1.23 ounces to 4.77 ounces and meet the need for larger containers.

The new vials are manufactured in the United States from the same Metallocene Polypropylene material as the rest of this line. This unique plastic resin is derived from natural gas, the cleanest of all fossil fuels and a resource that is abundantly available in North America. It offers excellent clarity, durability, and recyclability and all vials are engraved with the recycle mark (#5).

The unique characteristics of this material along with the highly advanced manufacturing process used to manufacture the vials allow them to be made using less material than traditional polystyrene and glass vials. In fact, the typical Visipak vial is about 40-50% lighter than the traditional glass or plastic vial, making it cheaper to ship and more environmentally friendly.

In regards to functionality, these new sizes also feature the same self-sealing cap which has helped drive demand for its entire line of vials. “Unlike other closures that feature foam liners or insecure snap-on functionality, our threaded caps feature an integral side seal that secures the contents more effectively and makes the cap fully recyclable, say Jeff Barket, Director of Sales & Marketing for VisiPak.

The 15 new vials are in stock and available for immediate shipment in case quantities of 250 vials. They can be purchased through the company’s online store or by calling the company directly.

About VisiPak: 
VisiPak specializes in the design and production of clear plastic packaging utilizing extrusion, thermoforming, injection molding and other fabricating and decorating technologies. The St. Louis based company provides clamshell packaging, clear plastic tubes, transparent boxes, blister packs, plastic trays and plastic containers, jars, and vials. The company offers many stock packaging solutions that are ready for immediate shipment. For more information visit

About Sinclair & Rush, Inc.: 
Sinclair & Rush, Inc., founded in 1950, is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of innovative clear packaging and product protection solutions to the world’s leading manufacturing companies. The company has distribution and manufacturing capabilities on a global scale with operations on four continents. S&R operates under the trade names of Stockcap™, Visipak™ and Gripworks™. Sinclair & Rush has their corporate offices located in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information, visit

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