Heat Shrink Tubing Line is added to the Online Store

If you are needing to insulate, repair, bundle or protect wires, your options for heat shrink products has expanded. Yes, pun intended as VisiPak increases its product offering to include heat shrink tubing. Now you can purchase one of two styles with a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, and the online store is a fast and easy way to buy low quantities.

Many online searches for tubing often result in a display of the fine line of clear tubes from VisiPak; however, when looking for heat shrink tubing the searcher has been disappointed. Although VisiPak has offered heat shrink tubing for many years, it was not promoted in the same manner as other VisiPak product lines. "Realizing the importance of online search, it was clear that VisiPak needed to begin full promotion of the heat shrink tubing line," said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales and Marketing. Barket continued saying, "Adding this line to our online store is something I wish we did a year ago when the store first opened, but now those who search for tubing will find a full line of heat shrink tubing and we hope to earn their business."

VisiPak added both single wall and dual wall heat shrink tubing product lines, used especially in the electrical and electronics industry. The single wall heat shrink tubing line consists of 14 different sizes and the dual wall heat shrink tubing line of nine sizes, available in various colors. Either style can be purchased online.

Heat shrink tubing is sized by the diameter of the tubing prior to any shrink activity and the original size is known as the supplied or expanded inside diameter. Made from thermoplastic materials, the tubing shrinks when heated providing a seal around the contents inside. The original diameter shrinks resulting in a maximum recovered inside diameter. Single wall heat shrink tubing reduces the inside diameter by 50% when heated and, dual wall reduces to 33% of the original diameter after heating. A typical heat gun with a range as low as 250°F (121°C) is sufficient to activate the material and a temperature no higher than 347°F (175°C) is recommended.

The main difference in the two styles of heat shrink tubing, single and dual wall, is an adhesive that is added to the inside of the dual wall tubing. Essentially, the dual wall is two layers; hence the name. This adhesive provides extra sealing protection, making this style especially useful when a moisture-proof seal is needed, or in areas of high humidity. The adhesive lined materials are available in various wall thicknesses.

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