VisiPak Partners with Taulman3D, LLC to Create Innovative New Material

New 3D-Printing Material “T-Glase” is Available Worldwide

3D PrintingT-glase Industrial 3D-Printing Material is Made in the USA

VisiPak, a division of Sinclair & Rush, Inc., has been selected by TAULMAN3D, LLC as the sole manufacturer of a new industrial 3D-printing material called T-Glase. Pronounced “tee-glass,” the new and unique industrial strength material was developed to support the vast majority of 3D printers available today.

VisiPak, a leader in high-tech extrusion proficiencies, worked closely with Taulman3D to develop the T-Glase line. With extensive extruding capabilities and superior engineering, material testing and production expertise, VisiPak and Taulman3D worked quickly to develop a unique material solution for the 3D printing market.

“3D printing is an exciting market with amazing potential that is already being realized. VisiPak is honored to be a part of the new frontiers this market has to offer,” said Jeff Barket, Director of Sales & Marketing for VisiPak and the Sinclair & Rush Companies.

T-Glase was developed primarily for low temperature 3D printers or users of PLA (Polylactic acid or polylactide is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources). While maintaining the characteristic high strength of the materials for which Taulman3D is recognized, T-Glase is a filament that does not suffer warpage to the same degree as high temperature materials. T-Glase, short for tough glass (the name adopted by initial testing operators) is designed for 3D printing at temperatures ranging from 207°C up to 235°C, optimally 212°C to 224°C.

About Taulman3D, LLC:
Taulman3D, LLC is currently the only provider of industry grade high Strength Nylon 3D Printing materials specifically developed for 3D Printers that use two fixed sizes of round line or rod. Taulman3D LLC products are sold worldwide through 24 resellers of 3D Printing materials. The following high strength industrial 3D Printing materials are available: Nylon 618, Nylon 645, Nylon 680, and now T-glase. Find more information on Taulman3D LLC at

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