VisiPak Offers New Lines of Clear PETG Plugs for Tube Packaging Containers

Clear PETG Plugs and New Style Hanger Plugs are now stocked for immediate shipment

PETG PlugCombined with VisiPak PETG tubes, the entire package is recyclable under resin identification code 1.

VisiPak, a leading manufacturer of clear plastic packaging, has added two new lines of clear plugs for tube containers. These injection molded plugs are produced with crystal clear PETG, and made in the USA. Five of the most popular sizes are stocked and are available for immediate purchase. Quotes and samples can be provided at no charge.

Customer demand for the clear plugs was the largest influence on the decision to add the new lines. Jeff Barket, VisiPak Director of Sales and Marketing, said, “Customer inquiries for an entirely clear packaging solution were becoming more frequent and the addition of the clear plugs to our existing tubing lines provides this solution. The continued customer interest, particularly in the retail packaging industry, resulted in the decision to invest in the tooling, and to begin production in the USA.”

The new PETG plug line is based upon the traditional poly plug and made from clear PETG, differentiating it from the opaque line of round and hex shaped plugs, which are primarily made of HDPE material.

The new style hanger plug line is also made from clear PETG. Most sizes of the new hanger style are made to fit both the Euro-peg and single peg hooks, making this closure option ideal worldwide.

Both plugs will fit the VisiPak medium wall tubes and containers, creating a completely clear container. A unique feature of the PETG material is that it can be secured by adhesives. This additional security feature to fasten the plug to the tube is available upon request. In addition, when either of the new lines is used in conjunction with VisiPak PETG tube packaging containers, the entire package is recyclable under resin identification code of 1. For more information about VisiPak’s new products or to request a free sample call 800-949-1141 or visit online at

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