Delicate Details Protected By Intricate Packaging

PSE X-Force Drive Max SightThe popular archery equipment manufacturer, PSE Archery (Precision Shooting Equipment) is a world leader in manufacturing bows using cutting-edge engineering technology. Bow sights have been a part of each bow produced. PSE determined that archers occasionally desire to replace only the bow sight and not the bow. PSE  accommodated the archers, but they had to begin the process of packaging the independent bow sights. To accomplish this PSE partnered with Tucson Container of Tucson, AZ.

As a leader in the manufacturing and supply of industrial packaging material and services, Tucson Container was in a great position to take charge of the PSE requirements, which was to focus on a box for retail display. Consumers needed to be able to see the contents. In addition, handling the bow sights requires a delicate touch and in a retail environment the package is sure to be handled so the bow sight needed to be secured inside the package. Although corrugated solutions are Tucson’s stronghold, it was not ideal for the PSE bow sights. Tucson Container, however, knew they could get the job done and they partnered with VisiPak.

PSE Archery Bow Sight in Printed Folding Box from VisiPakVisiPak specializes in clear plastic packaging. The in-store visual concerns were easily addressed with a VisiPak clear plastic folding carton. Made-to-order and affordable tooling costs combined with a variety of decorating options made this plastic box the clear choice.

Yet, it did not stop there. Not only is each bow sight style unique, each has intricate components. VisiPak manufactured thermoformed tray inserts that fit-to-form. Specially designed cavities for the different shapes of each bow sight provided a snug fit, securing each and stabilizing the delicate components so consumers could clearly see, hold, turn and inspect the unit without damaging the bow sight.

The entire project included five different bow sights so five different trays were designed. VisiPak was able to find savings for PSE by producing a single box suitable to hold any of the trays. The box was designed with graphics that allowed a clear window of sight (pun intended!) for the consumer to view the contents no matter which style bow sight was inside. The multi-manufacturing capabilities from VisiPak was a clear benefit for the buyer who was able to source both the box and insert tray from a single supplier, preventing additional issues from production and logistics management. It seems the sights were set high for this project with the aim in clear view!

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