Unlimited Uses For Plastic Vials and Jars

Vials and jars are used in a wide range of industries spreading from common household uses to extremely scientific purposes. Pill bottles from the medical industry and cold creams used by the cosmetic industry are normal to be found in medicine chests and linen closets. Open the doors to a scientific lab and you will find vials and jars collecting specimens from body fluids to soil samples. There are endless uses for these small plastic jars and vials.Clear Plastic Jars and Vials

Aromatherapy uses vials and small jars for the essential oils or oils of a plant. Distilled essential oils or the heating of a plant in oil and filtering the liquid, is an activity that has been part of alternative medicine as far back as the eleventh century. The growth of aromatherapy in modern times has yielded to the creation of so many different oils and each of these requires a small jar or vial to clearly identify the oil.

The cosmetic counters in department stores stock rows and rows of small jars of face creams, foundation make-ups, oils and lip balms. Perfume counters offer small samples in tiny vials. These simple jars and vials can be presented clear or frosted, with or without printed materials.

The medical field is most commonly associated with vials, specifically in regards to specimen collection, diagnostics, and the transport of such. In some cases, tubes are used for swabs, jars for tissues and biopsies and vials for fluid specimens.

Scientific forensic labs have a relationship with bug collectors. The entomology division of forensics, the branch that studies insects and violent crimes or law, utilizes small jars known as killing jars, to collect and kill the insects with minimal damage. Insect collectors also use the killing jar to preserve their collections for further processing. Ethyl acetate is used and the vapor kills the insect. At times, alcohol is used in vials for very small or delicate insects with the same effect. Other labs grow insects from eggs stored in clear vials, which allows for observation during the growing process.

Hunters and fisherman utilize small jars and vials for gun grease and bait. Hobby and craft enthusiasts store a large variety of products in small jars and vials including glitter, sequins, bead and sewing notions.

For all these uses and more, VisiPak now offers 165 different size vials or small jars. Buyers can purchase these small plastic jars and vials from the VisiPak ecommerce site for immediate shipment. Dimensions vary with eight different diameters each with multiple lengths to hold various numbers of ounces. All vials are sold without caps, but a cap with a built-in seal is available for all sizes. Visit the VisiPak store today.

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