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Dietary Supplement Blister Thermoform PackageAlthough recognized in the industry as a manufacturer of clear plastic packaging, VisiPak often goes beyond this scope. With more than 100,000 square footage of expansive warehouse space, VisiPak manages contract packaging projects from start to finish. Whether the project requires only one small part or a complex multi-process arrangement, VisiPak can do it all.

In a very healthy way, Lang Pharma Nutrition discovered the full extent of the contract packaging services of VisiPak. Lang Pharma Nutrition is a full service, mass market private label and corporate brand manufacturer. Central to their services is the management of the entire process from prototype development and raw materials sourcing, through regulatory review, and packaging production. When Lang Pharma Nutrition needed to package their dietary supplement, they encountered VisiPak as they searched for a clear blister package. What emerged from this back in 2008 may not have been perceived in their expectations, but it has certainly evolved into a full scale operation that continues today. 

The dietary supplement was contained in a typical vitamin-type secured container. For presence in a retail environment an outer package was deemed appropriate and they chose a thermoform blister with a header card for efficiency and cost considerations. Based on a production schedule from Lang Pharma Nutrition, VisiPak receives and stores, in a secure area, 16,000 bottles per release. In addition, the header cards are ordered and inventoried to make ready for the next scheduled production. Additional materials are also managed by VisiPak.

The manufacturing of the blister is scheduled based upon the estimated arrival of the shipment of the dietary supplement. VisiPak produces the blister in-house on Sencorp 2500 thermoforming equipment from PET food grade material.

Thermoforming Equipment at VisiPak

After the blister is produced, the bottled supplement is placed neatly into the clear blister positioned to be viewable to end users. A glue dot secures the bottle to prevent it from moving during shipping and handling. The blister and the bottles are placed in wooden trays staged for the next step, which is adding the header card to further secure the product.

The bottle is secured by affixing a header card to the clear plastic blister, forming the retail package. Using a high speed RF (radio frequency) sealing unit composed of a RF welder the header card is pressed to the plastic. The clear plastic material, when heated, adheres to the header card forming a secure bond.

The RF sealing equipment features a two-sided process allowing one side to be pairing the blister and header cards while the other side is completing the sealing process. The RF sealer tray slides back and forth as two operators manage the components.

After the package is sealed, the finished product is neatly placed in a combination display and shipping box. These preprinted and custom designed boxes, managed and inventoried by VisiPak, serve as both shipping containers and display cartons for the product headed to the retailer. Often this consists of special interior forms, such as slotted cardboard to keep products in position during shipment and storage.

The display is filled, and additional box lids cover the contents. Two separate labels are applied to the outside of the box lid to ensure lot numbers and expiration dates are in order. Boxes are palletized with the same number of boxes per pallet and shipped directly to the distribution center at roughly 12,096 bottles per shipment. The entire operation is a well-staged process and this is indeed a true turn-key project.

All of this is managed within the VisiPak Oracle systems, based on the terms and agreement established by both parties. Outsourced items are determined and approved by mutual agreement. As in this case, VisiPak manages all outsourcing while the client focuses on their own product’s inventory. The VisiPak team includes the Account Manager working with our package design engineers who developed the blister, the thermoforming operations team producing the blister, the Production Manager maintaining the scheduling of production, the Purchasing Director managing the outsourced materials and the Finishing and Shipping Departments who see the job to completion.  A truly fulfilling task, start to finish!

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