Consumption Increases When the Contents are Clearly Visible

Clear Tube Pairs with Color Plug to Make Chocolate Contents Even More Desirable

The Chocolate Fix Package From VisiPakThe founder of The Chocolate Fix had a yearning to create products that everyone would love and would be a favorite for gift giving. A box of chocolates never seems like a bad idea, so the business was born. If you look on the website, you can see all the many varieties of chocolate candies and snacks. Packaging the products would be much easier if they could all use the same style of container. In addition, the product needed to appear of high caliber; a stylish package makes a classy gift. This drove the Google search for “Candy Tubes”.

Amazon and eBay were included in search results, but this retailer knew that their volumes would be best suited for a manufacturer of the tubes. VisiPak was listed high in the search results and was contacted for information. When the VisiPak Regional Account Manager (RAM) was informed of the need to produce a high-end look to the package, he inquired about the package labeling and was shown an example. The label included gold highlights demonstrating elegance and sophistication. An idea quickly came to mind. VisiPak produces a gold colored poly plug, which would accent the coloring on the label and create an enhanced candy tube package.

The Chocolate Fix in VisiPak Packaging TubesThe new packaging design helped to secure contracts with new customers. “Our customer was able to secure more business in retail stores”, said Matt Spencer, Regional Account Manager at VisiPak, “not only because the irresistible candy is clearly visible through the VisiPak clear tube, but also because it features the complimentary colored plug”. With just a minor change, new packaging was a source of new profits for VisiPak, the Chocolate Fix, retailers, and of course, the biggest beneficiary is the person who gets to delight in the final savory chocolate morsels!

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