Poly Plugs

Low cost Poly Plugs for tubes are ideal for many retail package applications. When shelf room is not abundant and hanging is not an option, plugging a round tube with a flat-bottom Poly Plug will increase your space. The flat surface supports the standing or stacking of the tubes.

HDPE plastic tube plug styles are hexagonal or round and stocked in black. (The left two in this image.) Custom colors are available. LDPE tube plugs are round (on the far right) and are stocked in black, red and natural. Custom colors are also available.

Poly Plugs Large

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Clear PETG plastic tube plugs are round in shape with five sizes stocked. A unique feature of the PETG material is that it can be secured by adhesives and VisiPak, upon request, provides additional services to fasten the plug to the tube. When combined with VisiPak PETG tubes and containers this package is entirely recyclable under the resin identification code 1.

 PETG Plug

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HDPE Poly Plugs for tubes can be used on both thin and medium wall packaging tubes and containers.
The clear PETG plastic tube plugs fit medium wall tubes and containers.

 Round Thin Wall Plastic Tubes
Round Medium Wall Plastic Tubes 
 Round Permaseals
 Hang Tubes
Round Thin Wall
Plastic Tubes
Round Medium Wall
Plastic Tubes
Round Permaseals Hang Tubes 
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