Heat Shrink Tubing - Dual Wall

The general purpose dual wall (GPDW) includes an adhesive layer, hence the name, to improve the strength of the seal. The product shrinks or recovers when heated, a 3-1 ratio or 33% of the original diameter, for dual wall tubing. Other ratings are available upon request. 

A typical heat gun can be used to activate the tubing’s main feature starting as low as 250°F (121°C) while temperatures in excess of 347°F (175°C) may tend to destroy the effectiveness of the tubing. Dual wall is especially useful for moisture-proof, high-humidity requirements.

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Heat Shrink Tubing


Product Features

  • Meets all applicable quality standards including International, UL, Military, RoHs, and Aerospace
  • Adhesive lined materials available in regular, heavy and medium wall thicknesses
  • Quick and easy installation with simple tools such as a heat gun
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Protection from environmental elements such as dust, solvents, fluids
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, corrosion, oil and heat
  • Provides a snug fit over irregularly shaped joints
  • Aids in reducing strain on the wires contained within
  • Multiple color choices aids in coding of wires and connections


  • Electronic and Electrical Products and Components
    • Insulate, repair, bundle, and protect wires
    • Conductors, connections, joints and terminals
    • Interior of personal computers
  • Fiberglass helical antennas used in CB radios


  • 7 standard colors and other colors are available upon request


  • Crossed-linked polyolefin with internal fusing sealant
  • Other thermoplastic materials available upon request

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